Marriage Amendment to Stay on Calif. Ballot

By Jeff Johnson

Following the California’s Supreme Court ruling that legalized homosexual “marriage” in that state, activists sued to keep the marriage protection amendment off the November ballot. However, they failed in their attempt on Wednesday when the court ruled in favor of Proposition 8’s inclusion on the ballot.

Glen Lavy with the Alliance Defense Fund says the homosexual activists trying to keep the amendment off the ballot showed their contempt for the will of the people and the democratic process by filing such a baseless lawsuit. “I would have been shocked if the court had prevented this amendment from going on the ballot,” he comments. “The lawsuit was frivolous. There was no basis for the arguments. It would have been ridiculous for the court to rule in their favor,” Lavy contends.

Matt Staver of Liberty Counsel represented the Campaign for California Families and argued in defense of the amendment. “[We] really didn’t know which way the court was going [on this particular issue],” he says. “But the good news is they’ve rejected the argument by same-sex advocates to remove the marriage amendment from the ballot.

“Now the secretary of state is free to print all the information to notify the voters and, in fact, the voters will speak in November,” the Liberty Counsel founder continues. “And when they speak, I believe they’ll pass these 14 words. These 14 words will overrule the 4-to-3 decision of the California Supreme Court and restore marriage as the union of one man and one woman.”

Those 14 words are: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.” According to Staver, passage of Prop. 8 would invalidate all same-sex marriages performed in California prior to the enactment of the amendment.


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