The Believer’s Passion

READ | 2 Timothy 1:1-11

A fire won’t continue to burn strongly unless it’s worked on. Similarly, a believer’s passion , if left untended, can diminish. Some new Christians often share their faith passionately. They sense God’s joy and peace. Yet, this zeal can fade unintentionally. From today’s passage, we gather that Timothy had let his flame of faith cool slightly in verses six and seven.
Some believers can experience “cooling” for several reasons. When tragedy strikes, a person may feel his prayers went unanswered. This person may think God doesn’t care. If he then prays less, it’s easy to drift away from the Lord.
At other times, some Christians can be sidetracked by the world’s priorities. Timothy’s enthusiasm wavered because of false teaching and fear. Whatever the apparent trigger may be, Satan is the underlying cause. He lures believers away from single-minded devotion to Jesus.
Drifting can be subtle and hard to detect. Six questions can help you assess whether your enthusiasm for God remains strong. First, you should ask yourself if you have joy in the Lord. Do you desire to serve Him and help others in need?
The second question to determine your passion for God is ‘Do you spend time in the Word daily?
Next, do you pray knowing that God is listening and working in your life?
The fourth question to help you determine your enthusiasm for God is ‘Do you faithfully attend church and tithe?
The fifth question is ‘Do you experience joy, peace, contentment, and hope in Jesus?
And finally, ‘Do you stand firm in your godly convictions?
If some of your answers recently changed from “yes” to “no”, your fire may be diminishing. Acknowledge this to the Lord. Ask for His help to fuel your passion.


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