Internet Service Providers Shut Down Child Pornography Web Sites


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Internet Service Providers AT&T, AOL-Time Warner, Sprint and Verizon are shutting down child pornography Web sites found on their servers, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced last week. This comes as another victory to advocates of protecting the innocence of children.

Officials initiated an eight-month investigation into child pornography on the Internet and found 88 different news groups that were devoted to child porn. All 88 of these news groups are being shut down. 

Child pornographers and pedophiles have been dealt two major defeats in the past six months, first when the U.S. Supreme Court recently upheld a federal ban on child pornography, and now as Internet providers have begun removing the illegal sites from servers.

In the past, ISPs have refused to take action against blatant purveyors of child pornography, and neither federal nor state prosecutors have tried to enforce them to comply. This is a step in the right direction and great news for children and parents.

Let these companies know you appreciate their actions! Here is how to contact them:

AT&T  (210) 821-4105

Time Warner (212) 484-8000

AOL  Email Feedback

Sprint Email Feedback  (800) 877-4646

Verizon Email Feedback

You can get more details and track the progress of the companies working on this project at

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