Wikipedia publishes suicide instructions

By Chelsea Schilling

From beheading to electrocution, site becomes manual to kill self

image Wikipedia, the online “free encyclopedia” written and edited by its users, now includes dozens of detailed suicide methods with descriptions of ways in which people can mutilate or kill themselves.

The following are among such techniques described in vivid detail: beheading, cutting oneself, drowning, suffocation, electrocution, use of explosives, hanging, vehicular impact, jumping from bridges and towers, drug abuse, inhaling and ingesting poisons, suicide by fire, stabbing, shooting, starvation and suicide attack.

When WND contacted a representative of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, she said, “A site detailing the different methods someone could use to kill themselves could definitely be harmful to the public.” 

However, Jay Walsh, head of communications for the Wikimedia Foundation, said the organization does not take responsibility for editing the content of its pages.

“The Wikimedia Foundation operates the software and maintains the servers that power Wikipedia; however the entire Wikipedia project is maintained exclusively by volunteers,” he told WND. “No paid staff make edits to content, rather members of the volunteer community will add or remove information at their discretion and within the auspices of the editorial pillars of Wikipedia, which generally include: noncensorship, neutral point of view, no original research and, to a similar extent, addressing the question of ‘notability.'”   Read More..


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