Dems Moving to Fund UN Agency That Aids China’s One-Child Policy

By Josiah Ryan, Staff Writer

image ( – If a Democrat is elected president in November, Congress probably will resume direct funding of the United Nation’s Population Fund (UNFPA), a program that has been supportive of China’s coercive “one child” policy, an expert told on Monday.
President Bush has redirected funding for the program every year since 2001. Earlier this month, a congressional committee voted to approve $60 million for UNFPA, and that appropriation is expected to land on the desk of the next president after he is inaugurated in January 2009.
“Every time Democrats take back the White House, they continue to fund these population control programs that they euphemistically call ‘family planning,’” Steven Moore, a Wall Street Journal editor and an expert on UNFPA, told on Monday. “Obama has said he is pro-abortion, and so I think it’s likely that the U.S. will continue its support.”
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the Republican presidential candidate, has campaigned as pro-life and presumably would oppose U.S. funding for UNFPA.  Read More..


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