Dem’s Dont Care how high gas prices go.

And you wonder why the congress has a 9 % approval rating.

Harry Reid, Democratic Majority leader will even allow gas to get as high as $10.00 a gallon…. Probably higher. Its time to start firing these leaders that wont listen to WE THE PEOPLE. They seem to forget often that they work for us.



A majority of Californians and Floridians want us to Drill Now off the coasts. 70% of the Country wants us to drill and do everything possible to lower gas prices. We also have more oil available in Shale than all of saudia arabia , but nope Democrats wont let us have that either. There are enough votes in the house and senate to get to these resources, but Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are blocking all votes on this issue, even with a large majority of democrats ready to vote to drill.


image At a 9% approval rating in the House and senate , Nancy Pelosi shouldnt be so upset with Big time book Bomb ratings on She charts in at a big whopping #1247


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