Radio Hall of Fame will not Bow to Homosexual Pressure to Dump Dobson

By Hilary White

image CHICAGO, August 1, 2008 ( – The National Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago has drawn the wrath of homosexual activists who object to the induction of Dr. James Dobson, a major figure in the US Christian pro-life and family movement. Wayne Besen, a homosexual activist, organised a campaign against the Hall of Fame that resulted in several hundred emails demanding that Dr. Dobson be removed from the list of nominees.

Dr. Dobson is the founder and head of Focus on the Family, one of the most prominent US Protestant evangelical organisations. According to homosexual activist Wayne Besen, Dr. Dobson is “an extremist who has built his empire on the backs of gays and lesbians” and “a bigot who distorts scientific research.” Focus on the Family is one of Besen’s favourite targets and he has set up a website meant to refute the medical and psychological research put forward by Focus on the nature and treatment of homosexuality as a disorder.

“It is an affront for the Radio Hall of Fame to honor James Dobson, a right wing demagogue,” said Besen.

Since the late 1970s Focus has been a leading advocate of traditional Christian social values, those most derided and demonized by the homosexualist and feminist movements. Dobson broadcast his first Focus radio broadcast in 1977 and currently reaches about 220 million people in 164 countries. In the 1980s, Focus became a key player in the efforts to bring together a coalition of Christian denominations to fight the “Culture Wars” over abortion, the defence of natural marriage and the rights of Christians in the public square.

Gary Schneeberger, vice president for media and public relations (PR) at Focus on the Family, said that Besen’s complaint is noisy and has generated a lot of media attention, but is lacking substance.

“The Focus on the Family broadcast was created as, and remains, a means of helping families thrive,” Schneeberger said. “If you were to analyze the content of our 32 years of broadcasts, only a minuscule number deal with public-policy issues, and an infinitesimal number deal with homosexuality.”

In a public statement, the chairman of the National Radio Hall of Fame (NRHF) showed no hint that it intends to bow to pressure to politicise its nomination. The nominations, he said, are based solely on the honouree’s contributions to radio.   Read more..


2 responses to “Radio Hall of Fame will not Bow to Homosexual Pressure to Dump Dobson

  1. Before anyone criticizes Dr. James Dobson, he or she (or combinations) should see leading engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) and read GOD TO SAME-SEXERS: HURRY UP (tying in 1898 B.C. with 2008 A.D.) and also DANGEROUS RADICALS OF THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT (why our early “fathers” would disown many of today’s “sons and daughters”). America now has the choice of going from “most blessed” to “most cursed”! Marge

  2. Our site takes a somewhat unbalanced view of Brother Dobson. Yours is considerably more charitable. Thanks for adding your comment to the blogging universe.

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