Good News for China and the World

Christians may now outnumber Communists in China, according to a report in The Economist (October 2, 2008).

Officially, the government says there are approximately 21 million Christians in China. Unofficial figures, such as one given by the Centre for the Study of Global Christianity in Massachusetts, put the number at about 70 million.
Others say the number is much higher. According to China Aid Association, a Texas-based lobby group, the director of the government body which supervises all religions in China said privately that the figure was as much as 130 million in early 2008. If accurate, there may be more active Christians in China than in other country in the world.

This has Communist leaders concerned because current party membership is 71 million.

Most Christians worship in illegal underground house churches as opposed to highly restricted government sanctioned services.


One response to “Good News for China and the World

  1. Yeah, it is good news, but only depending on the angle you look at it…

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