Report: North Korea Prepares to Fire More Missiles


image North Korea is preparing to conduct more missile tests soon, a South Korean newspaper reported Thursday, citing intelligence obtained by South Korean and U.S. authorities.

The news comes as a Japanese news agency is reporting that the United States has told Japan that it will remove North Korea from its terrorist blacklist this month.

Also reported on Thursday, diplomats say that North Korea has made all of its Yongbyon nuclear facilities off limits to International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors.

A U.S. spy satellite detected signs that the North had deployed about 10 missiles on a small islet north of Korea’s disputed western sea border and other adjacent areas, the Chosun Ilbo newspaper said, quoting an unidentified government official.

North Korea reportedly fired two short-range missiles into waters off the west coast on Tuesday, but South Korean and U.S. officials said they could not confirm the reports.

South Korean intelligence officials believe the North could fire more than five more missiles — KN-01 land-to-ship and Styx ship-to-ship missiles, Chosun Ilbo said.  Read More..


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