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McCain Letter Demanded 2006 Action on Fannie and Freddie

by  Human Events

Sen. John McCain’s 2006 demand for regulatory action on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could have prevented current financial crisis, as HUMAN EVENTS learned from the letter shown in full text below.
McCain’s letter — signed by nineteen other senators — said that it was "…vitally important that Congress take the necessary steps to ensure that [Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac]…operate in a safe and sound manner.[and]..More importantly, Congress must ensure that the American taxpayer is protected in the event that either…should fail."
Sen. Obama did not sign the letter, nor did any other Democrat.


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3 in 5 voters: Boot every congressman 59 percent say they’d kick out all members of House, Senate

image If given the choice, a new poll reveals, 59 percent of Americans would sweep Capitol Hill clean of the current batch of senators and representatives to elect an entirely new Congress.

Only 17 percent of voters polled said they would be willing to keep the current legislature.

Rasmussen Reports conducted the national telephone survey on the heels of Congress passing a widely unpopular financial bailout bill, revealing a significant amount of voter dissatisfaction with the nation’s current lawmakers.

The polling firm records a mere 30 percent of voters approved of the bailout, while 45 percent were opposed, and yet Congress passed it, leaving behind some highly critical voters.

The new poll shows only 23 percent of Americans have even a little confidence in the ability of Congress to address the nation’s economic problems, and 76 percent doubt that most federal legislators even understand bills before they vote on them.

Further, less than half (49 percent) believe the current Congress is any more capable than a group of people plucked from the phone book, and nearly a third (33 percent) think the phone book Congress would do a better job.

Despite the lawmakers’ dismal 11 percent approval rating, Rasmussen Reports pointed out that 90 percent of Congress is likely to remain following this November’s election.

Rasmussen Reports dug into history to reveal that for well over 100 years after the U.S. Constitution was adopted, congressional turnover in national elections averaged about 50 percent. Following the New Deal era, however, those numbers began to decline. Since 1968, no national election has managed to muster even a 10 percent turnover.

The poll showed, however, that despite overall dissatisfaction, Democratic voters were more hesitant to throw the out the current, Democrat-controlled Congress.

Only 43 percent of the voters polled from Barack Obama’s party were willing to sweep Capitol Hill clean. Among Republicans, 74 percent wanted to throw the whole batch out, and 62 percent of unaffiliated voters were willing to join in.

Even so, when asked if they would vote to keep the current Congress, only 25 percent of Democrats polled said yes.

Dems attack Sen. Coburn for delivering babies for free

By Michelle Malkin

How afraid is the Democrat leadership of truly maverick conservative GOP Sen. Tom Coburn, who is waging war with Hapless Harry Reid over binge spending and secrecy?

They’re so afraid of his effectiveness that they are trying to kneecap him with bogus Ethics Committee complaints about his practice of not charging for delivering babies at the Muskogee Regional Medical Center. Coburn continues to serve as an OB/GYN in Oklahoma.

Jill Stanek read my mind: If Sen. Coburn were aborting babies for free instead of delivering them, he’d be getting awards instead of ethics complaints.

Contact info for the Senate Ethics Committee:

The Select Committee on Ethics can be contacted at 220 Hart Building, United States Senate, Washington, DC 20510. Telephone: (202) 224 – 2981. Fax: (202) 224 – 7416.

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Dems Moving to Fund UN Agency That Aids China’s One-Child Policy

By Josiah Ryan, Staff Writer

image ( – If a Democrat is elected president in November, Congress probably will resume direct funding of the United Nation’s Population Fund (UNFPA), a program that has been supportive of China’s coercive “one child” policy, an expert told on Monday.
President Bush has redirected funding for the program every year since 2001. Earlier this month, a congressional committee voted to approve $60 million for UNFPA, and that appropriation is expected to land on the desk of the next president after he is inaugurated in January 2009.
“Every time Democrats take back the White House, they continue to fund these population control programs that they euphemistically call ‘family planning,’” Steven Moore, a Wall Street Journal editor and an expert on UNFPA, told on Monday. “Obama has said he is pro-abortion, and so I think it’s likely that the U.S. will continue its support.”
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the Republican presidential candidate, has campaigned as pro-life and presumably would oppose U.S. funding for UNFPA.  Read More..